Monday, October 4, 2010


Wow we had a busy past week.  We had lots of visitors from out of town AND our Buffs pulled off a win against Georgia!!! Needless to say we had a really fun weekend!

Paul's parents, Bob and Mary, came to stay with us from Missouri.  They arrived on Thursday evening.  (On a side note, you'll notice that I rarely refer to them as my mother or father in-law.  I've know Bob and Mary since I was 16 years old and I've always just called them by their first names.  Once Paul and I were married, it seemed so weird to call them "in-laws" so I just kept calling them Bob and Mary.  Besides they're really more like parents to me than parents in-law).  (Oh and on another side note, my Mom, Dad, Bob and Mary are BFF and have been ever since Paul and I started dating 10 years ago.  It's a little crazy and can be overwhelming, but SO MUCH FUN to have parents that are such great friends!  Paul and I feel truly blessed for that). Whew, glad I got all of that off my chest.

Anyway, Bob and Mary arrived on Thursday evening.  They made dinner for us and we spent the night just hanging around the house. 

Friday night Paul and I went to the Buffalo Stampede with his parents, my parents, my brother, and our family friends, Donna, Gary and Jon.  The Stampede is a pep rally/parade for the football team downtown.  It's always really fun, but this one was especially fun because it was more packed than I have ever seen it.  Everyone seemed to be really excited for this game.  It was the 20 year anniversary of the 1990 National Championship team so there were tons of alumni in town.  There were also tons of Georgia fans. 

{Mary, Paul, Me, Bob}

After the Stampede we all went to dinner at BJ's Brewery downtown.  BJ's is so yummy, they have really good pizza :)  The fun thing about going to dinner downtown after the pep rally is the band comes in to some of the restaurants and plays the CU fight song.  Everyone sings along and there is such a great energy.

Not the best picture, but you get the idea.

On Saturday, my parents and Paul's parents hosted a tailgate across from the stadium at a little place we like to call "the crack house."  We've been tailgating there for years.  We had a good turn out.  Our friend Chad (one of Paul's college roommates) and his girlfriend Tinsley came down from Vail, Joe (another one of Paul's college roommates) and his friend Austin came up from Denver, my Aunt Carol came from North Carolina, and a bunch of our local friends came by. 

{Aunt Carol and my mom}

The game was at 5:00pm and was a "blackout" which is where they ask all of the fans to wear black.  I love blackouts!  We usually only have one per season, but I think it looks so cool.

The game was really close up until the last minute.  It was so nerve-racking and SO exciting!  The energy in the stadium was unlike anything I've seen in Boulder in a very long time.  In the last few minutes, Georgia had the ball and they were charging down the field when all of a sudden, they fumbled!  We recovered the ball and won the game 29 to 27.  The crowd went absolutely WILD! 

After the game we went out to celebrate with Joe, Austin, Chad, Tinsley and some of the guys that Paul works with. 

After having six people stay at our house that night, I had a lot of cleaning to do the next day and that's exactly what I did all day yesterday.  I am worn out.  But it was SO worth it!!  We had such a fun weekend :)  

Hope everyone has great week!

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