Thursday, November 7, 2013

June: 10 months

June is 10 months old.

Seriously?! How did that happen??

Here she is (above) making her signature face :)

One big thing that happened this month..June learned how to sit up on her own. I've been waiting and waiting for her to do this. I felt like she was never going to figure it out. And then one day I went to get her out of her crib and I saw this..

I was so excited! For about a week, she would only do it in her crib or when I wasn't looking, little stinker! Now she does it all the time.

Another new trick-she learned how to kiss. It's the sweetest thing. She loves to kiss me, Paul, lambie.. all with her mouth wide open. She also loves it when Paul and I kiss each other. 

And she LOVES Oscar. Unfortunately, he doesn't seem to share the sentiment. He usually walks away when she starts to come towards him. However, this was one of the few times I've seen him play with her. 

They have also figured out a new mealtime partnership.

June's getting really good at feeding herself. She can pick up the tiniest little pieces of food with her fingers. In fact, she prefers finger foods that she can feed herself to purees. She's also getting really good with the sippy cup. 

We went to a lot of football games this month. June loves going to games because it's the one place she can yell as loud as she wants and no one minds. She also loves listening to the band. And we taught her to raise her arms up when we yell TOUCHDOWN!

June really likes music. I took her to a music class for babies and toddlers and she absolutely loved it! She was yelling, kicking her legs, and bouncing up and down throughout the whole class. It was so cute.

Here she is dancing to a song on Sesame Street.

A few weeks ago, we took a little road trip up to South Dakota for one of Paul's games. She did so good! I swear she does better when we're out and about than she does when we're at home and it's just me and her. When we're out, she is always such a little ham. She waves and "talks" to everyone she sees. 

Mt. Rushmore

Life with June is never boring, that's for sure! 

I feel so lucky to be her mama. 

Happy 10 months, June Bug! Love you!


weight: no idea! we don't have a scale at home

height: again, I have no clue

diapers: size 3

clothes: she can wear 9 month in tops, but needs 12 month in pants. She's tall!

eyes: blue

hair: blond and a little curly

nicknames: June Bug, Buggy, Stink Bug, Miss June, JLC, Monkey

June: 9 months

June is 9 months old!

She has now spent as much time outside of my belly as she did inside!

As you can see, this month she got her two top teeth. Ever since her teeth came in, this is her new favorite face to make! It's almost as if she wants everyone to see her new teeth. 

June attended her first college football game this month. It was really hot, but June was a champ and we  stayed for the whole game. (we won by the way, which was awesome!) 

June LOVES books! They are her favorite things to play with. She loves when we read to her and she can even turn the pages all by herself. I took her to story time for babies at our local library. When we sat down in the circle to listen to the story, June got so excited and started screaming at the top of her lungs. She was so loud that she scared two of the babies next to her and they started to cry. Oops :)

I say this every month, but June loves food. I mean, she really loves food. (I wonder who she gets that from ;) There is not one single thing that I have given her that she won't eat. She now recognizes the magic bullet that I make her food in and she screams when I get it out of the cabinet (are you noticing a them here? June is a screamer!).

She's also still nursing, taking two naps, and sleeping 12 hours at night. 

June learned a few new tricks this month. She uses her index finger to point, takes turns/shares, and she can clap. She also discovered Oscar's water bowl. 

And, she's not crawling yet. Instead, she prefers to roll everywhere. 

You'd think she would get dizzy! She's crazy :) 

I just can't believe how big she's getting. I feel like she changes every day! 

Happy 9 Months, June Bug! Love you to pieces!


weight: no idea! we don't have a scale at home

height: again, I have no clue

diapers: size 3

clothes: 6 months, 6-9 months, and 9 month

eyes: blue

hair: blond

nicknames: June Bug, Buggy, Stink Bug, Miss June, JLC, Monkey

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Halloween 2013

We had a really fun Halloween this year. It's funny how having a child makes everything more fun.

Well, maybe not everything :)

Before I was even pregnant with June, I used to daydream about celebrating holidays with my future children. I can't believe that those dreams are now my reality. Sometimes I still can't believe I'm a mom.  I feel like the luckiest person on the planet!

A few weeks ago I took June up to a pumpkin patch near Boulder. We met my mom and dad there (Paul had to work. boo). It was an absolutely gorgeous day! 
In case you didn't know, when you have a 10 month old baby who can't walk yet, the pumpkin patch is more for the adults than it is for the baby. It's basically one never-ending photo op ;)

I think June could have cared less about the whole experience, but she did like the goats. My mom would feed them and June would pet their heads and then scream and kick her legs in delight.
She also cried when I made her stand next to the How Tall This Fall sign. She hates to stand. How is this girl ever going to walk?!

Here is how I decorated my pumpkins this year. I had a little too much fun with the paint. Thank you Pinterest for the great ideas!

And here is our little June Bug in her costume.

She actually didn't mind wearing her costume at all. 

Paul and I took her to two houses for trick-or-treating and she burst into tears at both! It was so strange because she's never been scared of strangers. Poor thing. 

When we got back I let her play with her bucket which had a few pieces of candy in it. She pulled out a  piece and was chewing on the wrapper. The next thing I knew she had bitten through the wrapper and eaten half of a Kit Kat bar! We were planning on waiting until her first birthday to give her any much for that idea. 

And because I love a year-to-year comparison pic...

Pretty amazing. 

I hope you all had a Happy Halloween!