Saturday, August 31, 2013

are you ready for some FOOTBALL?!

I know I am!

I woke up so excited to watch College GameDay this morning.

We actually don't have a game this week. Our season opener isn't until next Saturday, which gives me one more week to prepare :)

I've been pinning football stuff like crazy. Here are some of my favorites:

How cute are these astro turf koozies? This website has a tutorial on how to make them yourself.

Along those same lines, I think this table cover is so clever! My tailgating is table is all scratched up. This would be a great way to cover it up. Much more festive than a boring old tablecloth!

And this little chain link garland would be so easy to make and it would really jazz up your tailgate or football party.

Now, Game Day wouldn't be Game Day (yes, I capitalize it, it's the same as a holiday in my eyes) without yummy football food!

I love this idea for seven layer dip as a football field. Why didn't I think of that?!

I love a good cheese ball. You could do this with your favorite recipe.

These strawberries would be a great treat to bring to a tailgate. And they're healthy because they're strawberries, right?

And of course, I wouldn't be a true football lovin' girl if I didn't talk about Game Day fashion.

I LOVE this dress. It looks cool and comfy; perfect for those hot mid-day games. Plus, it's CSU-P colors!

These jeans will be perfect for night games and the cool, fall weather that will be rolling in soon (please hurry, cool, fall weather! I don't know how much longer I can handle 95+ degree temps. Thanks.)

And this year, I have a little lady to dress up for Game Day. SO MUCH FUN!

I'm loving these customizable tees and dresses on Etsy.

Oh my goodness, the cuteness!!!

Well, there you have it, my favorite football-themed pins.

I hope you have a happy football season!

And I hope your team wins.

Unless you're playing my team, in which case I hope your team loses (sorry).


Friday, August 23, 2013

June: 7 months

June is 7 months old!

(and again, I am way late getting this up)

This month was busy, busy, busy! We were traveling for most of it. In fact, I just counted it up and we were only home for 8 days out of the month. 

But June did great! She is so good at adjusting to new surroundings and just going with the flow. Of course, it didn't hurt that we were visiting Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles who spent the whole time loving on her. This girl loves being the center of attention!

A few exciting things happened this month.  First, at the very beginning of the month, June got her first tooth (bottom left)! And then a day later, her second tooth popped up (bottom right). She now has two little teeth. Yay!

Second, at the very end of the month, June learned how to sit up on her own when we sit her up. She seems so much happier now that she can sit up. She used to get so upset when we would put her down, because she liked to be up where she could see what was going on. 

June also discovered shrieking this month. That made for some fun plane rides :) She is so verbal. She is constantly making noises and babbling. And if she's got something to say, you better listen! She'll get louder and louder until we give her our undivided attention. 

June is still a great sleeper and she still loves food, however, she's not a very good nurser. She gets so distracted and wants to watch everything around her. I have to go to a quiet place with few distractions in order to nurse her and even then she has a hard time. She's also VERY squirmy still. I've never seen a baby move as much as she does. She never. sits. still. 

A few fun firsts this month...

first 4th of July

fist time in the ocean (here with Aunt Sara)

first time on a boat (here with Mimi)

first time in a "big girl" high chair

It was another great month with our June Bug. We just love to watch her grow and learn each day. I am amazed at how fast the past 7.5 months have gone by. We just love our little girl!


weight: 15 lbs. 1 oz. She only gained 2 lbs. in 2 months and she dropped from 50th % to 25th %.  I am now pumping after each feeding and in the middle of the night and giving her all the extra milk I pump each day. It's definitely a labor of love :) She's also getting 3 "solid" meals a day.

height: 26 3/4 inches, 90th %

diapers: size 3

clothes: 6 month, 6-9 months, and 9 month

eyes: blue

hair: blondish

nicknames: June Bug, Miss June, JLC, June Buggy, Stink Bug, Baby Bug, Love Bug, Monkey, Weasel

Thursday, August 1, 2013

June: 6 months

June is 6 months old!

(And I am waaay late with this update. She'll actually be 7 months tomorrow :)

6 months old.

Half a year.

Kinda makes me want to cry.

Not gonna lie, this month was kind of a tough one. June was teething and poor girl just wasn't herself. She started waking up one to two times in the middle of the night every night which is so unusual for her. Luckily, this month was also the first month of summer break so we had a lot of lazy days spent cuddling in our jammies. And I'm happy to report that after a week or two, we were back on track with sleeping through the night. 

 {On my last day of work, I put June on our bed while I got ready. I turned around and saw that she had grabbed my bra and it looked like she had tried to put it on haha}

June also went through a phase this month where the second I put her down, anywhere, she would scream and cry until she was red in the face. The minute I walked towards her to pick her up, she would smile at me. Little stinker!  She's got me trained. 

June continues to love any and all food! This month she tried banana, avocado, sweet potato, pear, and butternut squash. 

One very exciting thing that happened this month: June rolled from her back to her tummy (23 weeks)! It sort of seemed like she would never do it, but all of a sudden she did it once and became an expert. She spent the rest of the month rolling all over the place.  In fact, one day I put her down on her play mat in the living room and walked into the kitchen to get a glass of water. When I walked back into the living room, June wasn't on her mat and I didn't see her anywhere. I had a brief moment of panic before I found her halfway under the coffee table, smiling back at me!

Another exciting first this month: June's first plane ride!
We went to California to visit my Grammy and G-Daddy and our friends, The Steeles and The Graubard-Watts. 

I was a little nervous about it, but June did great!

Even on her worst days, June is still a really good baby. She's happy and healthy and I just love being her mom. Even though I miss my newborn sometimes, I'm finding this age to be so much fun. I can't wait to see what next month holds!


weight: I'll include this in her 7 month update because she just had her check up last week

height: same as above

diapers: size 3

clothes: she's all over the place..some 3-6, 6 month, and 6-9

eyes: blue

hair: light brown

nicknames: June Bug, Miss June, JLC, June Buggy, Stink Bug, Baby Bug, Love Bug, Monkey, Weasel

likes: FOOD, going out and about-anywhere but the house

dislikes: being left alone/not being held