Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Did y'all watch the Emmys on Sunday?  I love award shows.  I think it's so fun to see what everyone is wearing on the red carpet and to hear the speeches they come up with when they win.  I have to say that I must not be watching the right stuff on TV because the shows that won the most awards are ones I've never seen: Modern Family, Breaking Bad, Mad Men.  I need to get on that ASAP!  The two shows that did win that I love, love, love are Glee and Dexter.  I think these two are the best shows on TV right now so I was glad they got a little love.

For the most part, I thought everyone looked really beautiful on the red carpet.  There were only a few people that "missed" in my opinion.

My best dressed list:
Lea Michelle from Glee. I think she was on everyone's best dressed list. That dress is stunning and her hair, makeup and jewelry complemented it perfectly.

Claire Danes from Temple Grandin. I loved this dress because it's elegant, but the sparkles give it a fun flair.

Julie Bowen from Modern Family. A lot of people were split on this one, but I think she looks beautiful. I love the interesting structure of the dress and that color looks good on her.

My worst dressed list:

Anna Paquin from True Blood.  I love True Blood, but I am not a very big fan of Anna Paquin and I am really not a fan of this dress.  I heard someone on TV say that it looks like something the bull fighters in Spain wear and I have to agree.  Sorry Anna!

Christina Hendricks from Mad Men.  The cut and color of this dress are not very flattering on her and the cleavage is a little much.

Mindy Kaling from The Office.  WOW.  Nothing else to say.

*All images courtesy of yahoo tv*

Who was on your list?

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Weekend Recap

So another weekend has come and gone.  It's funny how every Sunday I sit around and think about Monday with absolute dread, but when Monday arrives it usually flies by and I find myself thinking that I actually don't mind Mondays.  Now, Tuesdays...that's another story.

We had a nice weekend.  Well actually, I don't know if Paul's weekend was too nice because he worked for most of it.

On Friday night I met these ladies for dinner at Carrabbas.
Rachel and Jessica are fellow coaches wives and dear friends of mine (poor Jess has her eyes closed but it's the only picture we took).  I love these girls to pieces!  Rachel's husband coaches with Paul at CU and Jessica's husband used to coach with Paul but he was recently hired as the offensive line coach for UNC.  Luckily for me, UNC is only about an hour away from here so I still get to see Jess from time to time.  We sat at the restaurant for three hours talking, eating and laughing.  I love spending time with Rachel and Jess because they totally understand the crazy life of being married to a college football coach. 

On Saturday I went for a long walk with my friend Lauren and then we sat by the pool for most of the afternoon.  It was a beautiful day, sunny/95 degrees, and I just kept thinking that I really wanted to enjoy it because there won't be too many of those left this year.  We'll still have some hot days of course, but it really starts to cool off in September around here.  After the pool I stopped by my brother, Buzz's, new apartment.  He's a senior at CU this year and just returned from a summer in NYC.  He moved into his new place last week and wanted me to check it out.  It's a nice place, but what I love most is it's only 4 blocks from my house!

I spent Saturday night in the kitchen baking these tasty treats for my church. 
My church is very involved on CU's campus and every year they really try to reach out to all of the new students.  They deliver the cookies in welcome baskets to the freshmen in the dorms.

On Sunday I hung out around the house in my pjs and watched chick-flicks on Lifetime.  Paul got off work around 3:30 which was such a wonderful surprise because I thought he'd be working all night.  Since we had the afternoon free, we decided to take this little critter for a walk.

How can you say no to a face like this?  This is our dog, Oscar.  I heart him.

After our walk we went to mass.  This week's gospel was one that really hit home for me.  We read Luke 13:22-30.  Our priest, Fr Kevin, asked what kind of relationship we have with God: are we acquaintances, friends, or family.  He explained that it's not enough to go to mass every Sunday and follow all the rules and traditions of the church; we must have a deep and intimate relationship with God in order to get to heaven.  This got me thinking because I go to church on Sundays and consider myself a "good" catholic, but many times I am just going through the motions and my relationship with God is more along the lines of acquaintances than family.  This is something I know I need to work on and it was good to have a reminder, a spiritual kick in the pants, if you will.        

After church, Paul and I had dinner at Hapa, a sushi restaurant in Boulder.  It was so nice to have some alone time with my hubs!  It's been weeks since we've had a meaningful conversation, let alone a date, so that was a real treat.  It's amazing how a few hours of QT can really rejuvinate a relationship :)

Have a great week!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Weekend Getaway

Last weekend I went on a little three day getaway to Phoenix, Arizona for my friend Lauren's bachelorette party.  She's getting married in less than three weeks so she wanted to go somewhere really relaxing.  Lauren and I have been friends since high school and were sorority sisters in college.  She's a great friend and I always have fun when I hang out with her!  Her younger sisters, Taylor and Alex, came too.  Those three seriously remind me of the Kardashian sisters (do y'all ever watch that show?).  They are so dramatic and hilarious and there is never a dull moment with them.  Needless to say, I had a great time :)

We arrived in Phoenix really early on Friday morning and checked into our hotel.  We stayed at the Arizona Biltmore, an old historic hotel that's actually pretty famous.  Apparently Marilyn Monroe used to hang out there and every president since Ford has stayed there.  The hotel was nice, but a little out-dated.  We got a great rate though, so we didn't really mind. 
Once we had settled in, we headed over to the gym for a quick workout and then had lunch and relaxed by the pool.  I had never been to AZ before, but I knew it would be hot, and boy was I right-the high each day was 110 degrees and the low was 90!  I love hot weather, but 110 is pushing it, even for me.  It's a good thing there were eight pools on the property to choose from.
{Alex, Lauren and Taylor}
Friday night we went to dinner at the Old Tortilla Factory in Scottsdale.  They had a really cute patio with lights strung everywhere and these things that sprayed a light mist on you to keep you cool.  We LOVED the misters and couldn't get enough of them haha!  The food was really good too. 

{Me, Lauren, Alex, Taylor}


Saturday morning we woke up, hit the gym, and hung out by the pool once again.  The pool had a swim up bar and we decided we couldn't resist some fun, tropical drinks.  Yummy!

Saturday night we had dinner at RA Sushi in Scottsdale.  The atmosphere was fun and the sushi was really good.  Since it was Lauren's bachelorette party, we made her wear this veil to dinner. 

After dinner we went back to our hotel room and had a little party with champagne and cupcakes and lots of girly and funny bachelorette presents. 
On our last day we made it our mission to get as tan as possible.  We literally spent every waking moment at the pool on these rafts.  It was SO relaxing!!  I'm not kidding when I tell you I could have layed there for days!

It was a fun trip little trip.  I love getting out of town, even for just a weekend, and I got some good, quality girl time which is always nice.  But the thing I love most about going out of town is coming home to this guy.

Love Him!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Hello Football, Goodbye Husband

{Folsom Field-Boulder, CO 2009}
Oh my word can y'all believe it's August already!  The summer always just flies by :( 
Well it's that time of year again...the start of football season.  Yesterday was the first official day of football practice for the Buffs.  I always enter this time of year with mixed emotions.  I LOVE fall and I LOVE football season!  I love going to games and tailgating and having company in town every weekend.  I even love watching College Game Day every Saturday on ESPN.  There's always such an excitement in the air.  So what's the problem? 

{My hub-white shirt 2009}
Well my husband is a football coach which means from August to January, I no longer have a husband (haha ok, I'm exaggerating).  Truly though, during the season Paul works 7 days a week, every week.  He goes into the office around 6:00 in the morning and doesn't get home until 10 or 11 at night (sometimes later).  We get so spoiled in the summer because his schedule is so relaxed and he gets lots of time off.  It's always hard to go from vacationing and spending lots of time with him to only seeing him for 30 minutes each day.  Although it's hard and can take a toll on our relationship, I try to remember the positive things: he loves his job, he HAS a job (so many people are struggling to find jobs right now), and I still get to see his face each day even if it is only for a short time.  I know things could be so much worse, and honestly, every job has positives and negatives-nothing in life is perfect-and we chose this for our life. 

{Paul's mom, me, and my mom rockin our buffalo horns 2009}
We have learned to make the most of the time we do have together and I feel blessed to have so many wonderful people to keep me company during these five months.  My parents and brother live in town and Paul's parents (Bob and Mary) come from Missouri and stay with me for every home game.  It's also a great excuse for me to have lots of Girls Nights with my friends (and who doesn't love that?).  I'm so proud of my husband and how hard he works and I wouldn't change our life for anything because I know it's the way God planned it.  So...here's to fall, football season, and the Buffs going 12-0!  GO BUFFS!