Tuesday, February 10, 2015

James: 5 months

James is 5 months old! 

Ugh he KILLS me with that smile!

This month James really turned a corner. He was so much happier. His tummy seemed much better and   I finally figured out a sleep/nap routine that worked well for him. Up until a month ago, he was just kind of falling asleep in my arms randomly throughout the day at which point I would put him in the swing. But then around 4 months he started waking up and crying every single time I tried to put him down. And trust me, I would love to hold him for every nap, every day, but that just doesn't work when you have a two-year-old running around. It was kind of a nightmare. And the thing I realized about James is he goes from happy to over-tired in a matter of seconds. By the time I realize he's tired, it's too late! So, I read a book on sleep that helped me figure out a normal sleep/wake pattern for babies his age and what sleep cues to watch for. The key is to put him down to sleep before he reaches that over-tired state and so far, it's working! We also moved him into his own room this month, but he's still sleeping in the swing. That's the next hurdle to tackle. 

He's pretty good at sitting in the bumbo, but he really doesn't like to. In fact, he hates being in a sitting position, even in my lap. He arches his back and tries to completely straighten his body and let me tell you, he is strong! (side note: when he was born, the nurse in the labor and delivery room warned us how strong he was and told us to be careful because he had almost kicked himself right off of the scale when they weighed him :) He's tried to fling himself out of the bumbo a few times, so now he has to be closely supervised when he's in it haha. 

Sweet boy adores his sister. He completely lights up when he sees her. It's like he knows that she's on his level. And the the feeling is mutual for her. They have their own special little thing going on and it's so cool to watch. 

James also had his first taste of food this month (two days before 5 months). 

We decided to just give him a chunk of banana. He absolutely loved it! 

And then at the very end of the month, James was baptized.

We were touched to have so many loved ones there to witness this very special day in James' life: Grammy and G-Daddy, Hammy and Grits, Mimi and Grandpa, Uncle Buzz and Aunt Ashley, Aunt Jane and Greg, and Aunt Pat, Uncle Mike and their boys. 

This is one of my favorite pictures from the day. It's my Grammy holding James who is wearing the baptismal gown that all of 5 her children (including my dad) and 7 of her grandchildren wore. James is the first great-grandchild to be baptized in it. 

James William truly is a gift from God and we are so blessed by him. He is such a joy! 


weight: 14 lbs 9 oz at last weight check (4.4 months)

height: 24.5" at last appointment

diapers: size 2 

clothes: 3-6 and 6 month 

eyes: blue

hair: he doesn't have much! seems blond?

nicknames: Jamesy, Jamesy Boy, Jame Jame, Buddy/Bud

likes: itsy bitsy spider (with hand movements) the paci, the car seat, the swing, baths, and big sister

dislikes: being in seated position