Monday, January 23, 2012


So Paul and I have been living in our condo for 7 months now. When we signed the lease back in June, we told the landlord that we wanted to lease it until January and then go month to month because we didn't know how long we would be living in Pueblo. We figured that by January we would either be moving to a new town, or staying in Pueblo for a while and therefore buying a house here. Either way-we would know for sure.

Famous last words. January came a lot quicker than I ever expected and our situation is no more clear than it was last June. Thus the "on the fence" life we've come to live. (I don't know why I always think a definitive answer is going to come to us in January haha.) The problem with being "on the fence" is that I am positively pining away for a real life, big girl house. I've never had one. But the housing market in Pueblo is NO BUENO (as the locals would say) and I just know that the second we buy a house, Paul is going to get a job that sweeps us away to a new town and leaves us with a house we can't sell. Yikes. Just the thought of that terrifies me. Which is why I'm chaining myself to this condo until further notice. Thank goodness our landlord is so accommodating. And really, this place isn't half bad. It suits our needs just fine.

Well, not only have I been pining away for a house, but for new furniture too. Most of our decor is a hodge-podge of items we've had since college. But I made a rule for myself a long time ago, that I would not buy new furniture until we buy a house. I don't want to buy furniture to fit a condo that we live in for a year and then have to/want to buy new stuff when we move again. Plus, moving is so hard on your personal effects.

*Ok, pause a moment. This is what it's like to live in my head. I am a complete and total over-analyzer. All the "what ifs.." and "maybes..." I mean, it's exhausting. *

Anyway, the point of this whole story is that on Saturday, with Paul's help, I ignored all those little voices and we bought a new king-size mattress! I could not be more excited because let me tell you, we needed one!

Here I am trying it out in the store.

Like a cloud!

After laying on approximately 50 mattresses, we decided to go with a knock-off Tempurpedic. I was very confident in this decision until I had this exchange with my brother...

 Haha this cracked me up! 

Cue the over-analyzing. Thankfully, we have 30 days to bring it back if we decide we don't like it (always appreciative of the escape clause) but I don't think it will come to that. Truly, I think we made a great choice. It should arrive in a week or so, and I'll be waiting on pins and needles until then!

Friday, January 20, 2012


It's been a long time ol' blog and I've really missed you. I'm sorry I've neglected you in favor of earlier bedtimes, wiping little noses, singing silly songs, COR, and just plain vegetating on the couch with a beer (whew, this teaching thing is exhausting, but oh so rewarding). 

I promise to pay you more attention in this new year, and I promise to lay off the beer.

Oh, who am I kidding?

Cheers!  :)