Friday, November 11, 2016

Ten on Ten :: November 2016

Ten on Ten.  Ten pictures on the Tenth day of the month! 

Here's a little snapshot of our November 10th, which was a Thursday. 
June woke me up at 6:20 to go potty.  She goes by herself, but she always asks me to walk her back to her room when she's done.  She was in her bed for about 20 minutes before she came back in my room and crawled into bed with me.  Morning snuggles are the best. 

The kids had their favorite breakfast: cereal.  I seriously can't get them to eat anything else for breakfast these days.

We dropped June off at school and then James and I hit up Target.  My little shopping buddy.  He's actually very good at the store (most of the time).  

After Target, we went to the park.  James would play at the park all day long if he had his way.  He loves to be outside. 

We picked June up from school and then went to...wait for it...Target again!  Target is right next to June's school, so I'm there almost every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.  It's an easy place to kill some time.  Today we were shopping for our Operation Christmas Child and I wanted June to be a part of that, which is why we went twice.  The kids were starving, so I grabbed some cheese and crackers from the refrigerated area and they ate while we shopped. 

While the kids napped, I prepped dinner: Savory Crust Chicken Bake.  

We played in the play room while dinner was cooking.  June's game of choice: pretend princesses.  June was Rapunzel and wanted me to be Jasmine.  James wanted to be Mother Gothel, but June wanted him to be her chameleon sidekick, Pascal.  A fight ensued.  James then decided to be a "fireman" which is what he calls the construction worker costume. 

Paul was home for dinner (yay!) before he had to go back to work for study hall.  Because Thanksgiving is around the corner and June is learning Psalm 107:1 in school, I thought it would be fun for all of us to say something we're thankful for each night.  I need to think of a cute way to display these. 

We got ready for bed and then watched a little bit of Tangled.  Because when your kids ask you to snuggle up with them, YOU DO IT! 

I put the kids to bed and then packed my suitcase because I'm going to Bozeman, Montana with Paul for the football game.  Mimi and Grandpa are coming to stay with the kids and I'm pretty excited to get away for 24 hours!

And that was our November 10th!