Thursday, December 23, 2010

All I want for Christmas...

This year, instead of buying presents for each other, Paul and I decided to buy toys to donate to Toys for Tots.  I was just feeling like I have everything I could need or want and I really wanted to do something special this year.  I have always been so blessed in my life to not have financial worries and I wanted to pay that forward.

Paul and I don't have kids yet and we don't even have nieces or nephews so it had been a LONG time since we'd taken a trip to the toy aisles of Target.  You should have seen us!  We spent a good hour wandering up and down those aisles marveling at all the cool new toys and feeling nostalgic for all the old ones we had as kids (I told Paul we had to get at least one Barbie because she was always my favorite when I was little).  There were so many options to choose from, it was overwhelming!  Of course, I ended up picking out the girl toys and Paul did the boys'(he told me the baby doll I picked out was stupid~such a boy!).  We had so much fun and the best part was thinking about those little kids' faces when they open their presents on Christmas morning.  Hopefully we made a few Christmases a little brighter this year :)

What were your favorite toys as a kid?  I loved Barbie, My Little Ponies and Cabage Patch Kids.  Paul loved Leggos.

P.S. check out this Christmas charity sponsored by the US Postal Service.  I think it's such a cool idea, but it's only available in certain cities and states~Colorado not being one of them :(
Read some of the letters and if you can get through them without crying, please tell me how!

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