Friday, January 7, 2011

Christmas 2010

Wow.  I've been slacking on this whole blogging thing.  I thought about not even doing a Christmas post since I'm so far behind, but it was one of our best Christmases to date so I wanted to write it all down.

This Christmas was extra special for me and Paul because for the first time ever, we got to spend it with everyone on both sides of our family.  Me and Paul, my parents, Buzz (my brother), Sara and Jeff (my sister and her fiance), Bob and Mary (Paul's parents) and Kelley (Paul's sister) all gathered in Winter Park for five
fun-filled days. 

Christmas Eve consisted of decorating the tree...

A bonfire, some Christmas carols, and a fireworks display on the ski mountain..

And Christmas Eve Mass followed by lots of pizza eating and card playing.

Christmas day we lounged around in our jammies, waited impatiently for Sara and Jeff to arrive (she had to work an overnight shift on Christmas Eve) and went for a walk.

When Sara and Jeff finally arrived, we opened presents and enjoyed a delicious prime rib dinner with all the fixins courtesy of the moms.  YUM!

Bob's dad/Paul's grandpa used to make muddled whiskey sours every Christmas and since he went to be with Jesus a few years ago, Bob has carried on the tradition.

The rest of the vacation was filled with snowmobile rides, tubing (my personal fav!), skiing, and LOTS of board games. 

It was such a fun vacation and like I said before, one of the best Christmases I've ever had.  There were a few times that Paul and I just looked at each other and acknowledged how lucky we are.  It makes us so happy that our families LOVE spending time together.  It's such a special thing and it's something that we truly cherish and thank God for every day.


  1. What a great Christmas....LOVE your card. Your hair is fabulous!

  2. Looks like a fabulous way to spend Christmas! I haven't been tubing in forever!