Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Winter Wonderland

Last weekend Paul and I had the privilege of staying here:
 the brand new Ritz Carlton Club in Vail.  Oh, and did I mention we stayed for free?  Ok seriously, we are so lucky.  Our sweet friends from college, Chad and Jack, work for Vail Resorts and for the past few years they've been working on this project.  It was finally completed a few weeks ago and they invited us to come up and stay with them in a three bedroom condo (DIE!). 

Look at this place!
 (I totally forgot to take pictures of our condo, so I swiped these from the net)


This is the one picture I managed to take~the view from our balcony.

The mountains in Colorado have been getting a ton of snow already this season which is rare.Vail got 14 inches of new snow over the weekend and all of the locals were saying this was the most snow they'd ever seen in December.  We couldn't pass it up, so we decided to ski on Saturday.  It was pretty fun, but I'm NOT a great skier (I only do greens and some blues) and I'm definitely what you would call a fair-weather skier.  It was a little too cold and snowy for me and by 2:00 I was ready to hit the hot tub!  But I do have to say that my hubby was so sweet and stayed on the greens and blues with me until I was ready to quit for the day (I think he was rejoicing when I did go so he could do some double blacks haha).

On Saturday night we went to the OAR concert in the Vail Village.  Once again, Chad and Jack hooked us up and gave us VIP passes for free food and booze (sweet!) and behind-the-scenes access.

Tinsley (Chad's girlfriend) with her rum and hot cider.


It was such a fun weekend!  Thank you Jack, Chad & Tinsley~you're the best!!

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