Friday, September 17, 2010

Show Us Your Life - Living Rooms

I decided to participate in Show Us Your Life Friday over at Kelly's Korner.  Todays' topic is Show Us Where You Live, specifically, Living Rooms.  I thought this sounded like a ton of fun!  I love looking at other people's homes.  It's a great way to get a peek into their life, as well as get a little inspiration of your own.  I figured I couldn't look at everyone else's without sharing my own.

This is our house. It's over 100 years old.  It's actually a house that my parents own and rent to college students each year. My sister, brother and I all lived here when we were in college (not at the same time, unfortunately). When Paul and I moved back to Colorado a year ago, we knew we wanted to rent this house from my parents. It's such a cute little house and it's in a GREAT location! We are walking distance from work, bars, restuarants, shops, and some of the best hiking trails in Boulder.

This is the view of our Living Room/Family Room (and Oscar haha) from the front door.  The couch is one I've had since college.  The coffee table was a house-warming present from our parents when Paul and I bought our first home (in Auburn).  The futon is a hand-me-down from my sister.  We've always got friends and family coming to stay with us on the weekends, especially during football season, so the futon gets a ton of use! 

This is the view from the other side of the room.  The bar at the end of the room is another hand-me-down from my sister and I love it!  The brown chair is Paul's favorite thing.  We bought it a couple of years ago.  One thing you should know about me is I hate recliner chairs.  I just don't think they look nice.  Paul wanted one so bad.  He spent six months trying to convince me that he really needed one.  I finally compromised and said that we could get one, but only if it was leather (none of those microfiber varieties with the built-in cup holders).  I must say, the chair has grown on me.  But I can't wait until we move into a house that's big enough for Paul to have a study or den and I can stick the chair in there haha!

Well, that's our Living Room.  I hope you all enjoyed it! 

And on another note, the Buffs play Hawaii tomorrow so wish us lots of luck!  
Have a great weekend :)


  1. HI, I am just stopping by from Show Us Your Life. I love your house it is soo cute and darling!

  2. Just stopping in from Kelly's korner and I must say I love your home's character!

  3. You have an amazing living room. I especially love the denim sofa and ottoman.

  4. I love bungalows...I've always wanted one! And I love how you showcase all your furniture telling it just like it is...a piece from college, a hand-me-down piece, etc, etc. My house is furnished with a hodge-podge of furniture...some new pieces but mostly stuff from our childhood or family heirlooms or stuff purchased while in college. I love seeing another home...well, living room...that looks like it is lived in and not straight out of a magazine (and that is a big time compliment)!

  5. Super cute! And lucky you to live in Boulder! I grew up in Ft. Collins and I miss living near mountains so bad! We live in the St. Louis area now which I love but it is different!