Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Happy Fall

Today is the first official day of fall. Yay!

I LOVE fall!  It's one of my top four favorite seasons.

haha just kidding.

It definitely feels like fall here today.  I love when the air feels crisp and it's just chilly enough to pull on a sweater.  I can't wait for the leaves to change color.  I'm excited to start bringing back some of my fall recipes.  I was beginning to get sick of food on the grill (come mid winter I'll be cursing myself for ever saying that).  And I really can't wait for Halloween.  I love, love, love Halloween!

I picked up this magazine from the store yesterday.  I'm excited to read it.  Hopefully there are some good ideas inside...I'll let you know.

Some other things I'm looking forward to this fall:
* football tailgates
* apple pie
* going to the pumpkin patch
* carving pumpkins
* Halloween candy
* chili and corn bread
* making caramel apples
* costumes
* haunted houses
* apple cider
* lighting my "Harvest" candle from Yankee Candle Company (I highly recommend this candle, it smells oh so good!)
* Halloween decorations
* hay rides
* chocolate pecan pie

I hope you all enjoy this wonderful season!


  1. Kathleen, do you remember what you used to do with your costume on Halloween?

  2. I'll have to tell you offline :)