Thursday, November 7, 2013

June: 10 months

June is 10 months old.

Seriously?! How did that happen??

Here she is (above) making her signature face :)

One big thing that happened this month..June learned how to sit up on her own. I've been waiting and waiting for her to do this. I felt like she was never going to figure it out. And then one day I went to get her out of her crib and I saw this..

I was so excited! For about a week, she would only do it in her crib or when I wasn't looking, little stinker! Now she does it all the time.

Another new trick-she learned how to kiss. It's the sweetest thing. She loves to kiss me, Paul, lambie.. all with her mouth wide open. She also loves it when Paul and I kiss each other. 

And she LOVES Oscar. Unfortunately, he doesn't seem to share the sentiment. He usually walks away when she starts to come towards him. However, this was one of the few times I've seen him play with her. 

They have also figured out a new mealtime partnership.

June's getting really good at feeding herself. She can pick up the tiniest little pieces of food with her fingers. In fact, she prefers finger foods that she can feed herself to purees. She's also getting really good with the sippy cup. 

We went to a lot of football games this month. June loves going to games because it's the one place she can yell as loud as she wants and no one minds. She also loves listening to the band. And we taught her to raise her arms up when we yell TOUCHDOWN!

June really likes music. I took her to a music class for babies and toddlers and she absolutely loved it! She was yelling, kicking her legs, and bouncing up and down throughout the whole class. It was so cute.

Here she is dancing to a song on Sesame Street.

A few weeks ago, we took a little road trip up to South Dakota for one of Paul's games. She did so good! I swear she does better when we're out and about than she does when we're at home and it's just me and her. When we're out, she is always such a little ham. She waves and "talks" to everyone she sees. 

Mt. Rushmore

Life with June is never boring, that's for sure! 

I feel so lucky to be her mama. 

Happy 10 months, June Bug! Love you!


weight: no idea! we don't have a scale at home

height: again, I have no clue

diapers: size 3

clothes: she can wear 9 month in tops, but needs 12 month in pants. She's tall!

eyes: blue

hair: blond and a little curly

nicknames: June Bug, Buggy, Stink Bug, Miss June, JLC, Monkey


  1. Emmy is the same way about being out! I'm so boring, I guess ;)! She's seriously such a doll!

  2. She is going to be so beautiful when she grows up - I can't get over how precious she is!