Tuesday, August 28, 2012

20 weeks

How Far along: 20 weeks (I'm actually 21 weeks today, late again!)

Size of Baby: A banana (according to baby center)

Total Weight Gain: 3 lbs.

Gender: ??? I go back and forth. One day I think it's a boy, the next day I think it's a girl.

Movement: A little bit of movement, mostly at night.

Sleep: Same as last week-still having a hard time getting comfortable.

Maternity Clothes: I went to Denver last weekend and stopped at a maternity store. I bought two pairs of pants for work and splurged on a pair of designer jeans. I'm pretty excited about all three pairs of pants and can't wait for the weather to cool off a bit so I can wear them! (this pregnant lady is over the 100 degree temps)

Symptoms: A little bit of nausea, calf cramps, feeling crampy off and on in my lower abdomen, oh and I think my belly button is getting bigger.

Aversions: No aversions this week.

Cravings: CARAMEL APPLES! I can't stop thinking about them, but I'm too lazy to make some.

What I Miss: Nothing this week.

Best Moment of the Week: Paul and I took a tour of one of the hospitals in town (there are two to chose from in Pueblo). It was fun to walk around the labor and delivery unit and get a picture of what it would be like to deliver our baby there. Just another reminder that this is actually happening and our baby will be here before we know it! So exciting and kinda scary.
Also, yesterday was my first day back to work from summer break and my baby bump got a lot of love from my co-workers :)

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