Thursday, January 16, 2014

#katcreighphotoaday2014 Week 2

Day 8: My tree was still up. I was having a hard time finding the motivation to take it down. But I'm happy to report it has since come down.  :)

Day 9: My parents had to put their dog down on this day, so I was giving my sweet pup some extra love. Poor guy never gets enough these days.

Day 10: June Bug's first pony tail! 

Day 11: June and I drove to Boulder. We got stuck in some traffic, but even with red tail lights in front of me, this is still one of my most favorite views.

Day 12: These sweet little friends had a playdate. I wish they could play together more often!

Day 13: This girl was all tuckered out on our drive back down to Pueblo.

Day 14: We had a jammy day. We didn't even set one foot outside. 

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