Sunday, January 12, 2014

June's First Christmas

We had such a wonderful Christmas with our little June Bug! She's at such a fun age right now. We love to just watch her mind working while she explores everything. She was very intrigued with the Christmas decorations; especially the lights and the tree. However, she was NOT a fan of Santa. As we were walking towards him I could feel her gripping me with all of her might and the second I passed her to him, she freaked out! You can't really tell from this picture, but she was bawling. (I was actually kind of disappointed when I saw this pic because I was hoping it would convey her terror a little more. I'm a mean mommy, I know.)

Paul, June, and I had our own little Christmas in Pueblo on the morning of Christmas Eve.

We started with cinnamon roll casserole, which June loved (surprise, surprise!), followed by some present opening.

It took her FOREVER to open her presents. She would peel one tiny piece of paper off and just want to play with that piece. Paul ended up helping her with all of them.

After each present was opened, she just wanted to play with it and didn't care to open the others. Who knew we only needed to buy her one present. This girl is easy to please! 

On Christmas Eve we drove up to Boulder to spend Christmas with my family. 
June really loved this dolly from Hammy and Grits. She recently became interested in stuffed animals and dolls. It's so cute to watch her love on them!

Someone got a little tired. Opening presents is hard work!

The day after the Christmas, we packed up the car and drove to Nebraska to see Paul's family. 

June had fun with her second cousins (oh man, I had to look that one up!), rode on a carousel with Mimi (another thing she did NOT like), and got some lovin' from her Grandpa and Aunt Kelley.  

We had a great time visiting with Paul's aunts, uncles, and cousins. We wish we could do it more often!

And then, because we're crazy, we decided to drive down to Missouri. It was nice to spend a few quiet days down at the lake. And even though we drove 12 hours home in one day, June did so good (thank goodness for Finding Nemo on the iPad!) She is such a little trooper. We are so lucky :) 

It truly was a wonderful Christmas. Our baby's first Christmas. One I will definitely remember forever.

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  1. What a busy Christmas! Can't wait to see pictures from June's party and hear about her birthday. I can't believe our girls are ONE!!!