Friday, June 21, 2013

5 on Friday

I realized that my last few posts have been June's monthly updates, so I decided I need to mix it up a bit. Today, I'm linking up with Carolina Charm for 5 on Friday-Five things I'm loving this Friday.
Here we go...

ONE- Today is Paul's last day of coaching high school camp for the summer! He has been working really late for the last two weeks so I feel like I've hardly seen him. Those two weeks were a real grind, but I'm so glad we got them over with and now we can enjoy the summer. Woohoo!

TWO- This salad. It's been so hot here lately. The state is literally on fire. I can't bring myself to make a dinner that involves turning on the oven. This pasta salad is my solution. I've made it once before and it was just as good as I remember. Perfect on a hot summer night! It was also perfect for this week because it has tomatoes in it..and Paul hates tomatoes..and Paul wasn't home for dinner this week (see above). That's the only plus of Paul working late-I get to make whatever I want for dinner!

THREE- Pool time with this little lady. She really loves the water. I even dunked her under a few times this week and she did great! It's so fun to see her kick and splash and squeal with excitement.

FOUR- These shorts from J. Crew (mine are hot pink). They are the perfect length and so comfy! Plus, I got them on sale which is an added bonus. I've already worn them a bunch this summer.

FIVE- Paul and I get to see these four friends next week! I have been counting down the weeks until this trip. I miss my besties! Spending time with them is good for my soul. Plus, it'll be June's first time on an airplane (I'm a little nervous about that ;)



  1. coming over from Five on Friday link-up! I'm a fellow Buff, and jealous you live in Boulder, miss that place so much! Your lil babe is adorable, and that salad looks delish. My grandmother, and mama have those some plates, so basically I grew up with them, and I have such good memories whenever I see them...ahah weird, i know!

    Enjoy your weekend :)

  2. Drew has that same bathing suit. :)