Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Feeding the Team

Last week we had Paul's players over for dinner.  When discussing what to serve, Paul requested that I make Chicken Enchiladas Suizas.  I happily obliged, as I've made these enchiladas for guests in the past and they're always a hit.

But then I started thinking about how many enchiladas I would need to make.  We had 20 people coming over, so I figured 2 enchiladas per person.  That would be 40 enchiladas total.  That's a lot of enchiladas.  Or, at least I thought that was a lot, until Paul reminded me that these were not normal people coming over for dinner, they're college football players.  College football players who rarely get home-cooked meals and who would be coming straight from a long day of practice.  He suggested that I plan for 4 per person.  I quickly did the math...



Um, 80?   yikes!

I was terrified a little nervous.  I mean, I consider myself to be a fairly good cook, but making that much food is just intimidating.  Especially since I only have one oven.  But, I am happy to report that after 2 straight days of cooking, the whole dinner went off without a hitch!

Here's the full menu:

Chicken Enchiladas Suizas
Green Salad with Beans, Corn, Tortilla Strips and Spicy Ranch Dressing
Tortilla Chips with Salsa, Guacamole and Queso
Monster Cookies

Unfortunately, I don't have a ton of pictures because I was too busy running around, but here are a few that I did snap...

At exactly 7:30 pm, a herd of defensive linemen busted through my front door and headed straight for the kitchen.  Thank heavens the food was ready or we would have been in a world of trouble!

I had so much fun meeting all of these guys!  I've been hearing about them for 6 months now, so it was nice to finally put faces with names.  They were all so polite and sweet.  One guy even told me that I needed to stop by the school and teach the people that work in the cafeteria how to cook :)  Love!

These guys really are Paul's world right now.  He spends so much time with them and sincerely cares about each and every guy.  It made me happy to see what a great group of guys he's working with!  I can't wait to cheer them on this season :)

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