Thursday, February 3, 2011


Two and a half years ago, on our wedding night, Paul's cousins told us how much fun they had on their honeymoon in the Caribbean (we were leaving for ours the next day) and how they wanted to plan another vacation.  "Wouldn't it be so fun if we all went together?" we said.

Well, last week it finally came true!  Paul and I took a little trip to Mexico-Riviera Maya to be exact-with Paul's cousins, Michael and Katie, and their spouses, Jill and Shawn.  We had SO much fun! 

We stayed at an adults only, all inclusive resort called the Excellence Riviera Cancun.  The resort was gorgeous-nice rooms (all suites), beautiful winding pools all over the property, lush green landscaping, and a beach with powdered sugar sand and clear blue water.  Here are some pics of the grounds.

The resort had everything we needed-we literally layed by the beach and pools, ate, and DRANK all day, every day.  The girls also went to the spa one afternoon which was fantastic!  But before you go hating me, I will say that the weather was not perfect.  We had three days of sun and two days of cold, cloudy weather :( 

However, we managed to make the most of what we got!

These iguanas were everywhere-totally freaked me out!

We did leave the resort one day to do a snorkeling excursion.  We got on a catamaran that took us to the reef (the reef off the coast of Cancun is the second largest in the world!).  We saw a barracuda, sting ray, eel, lion fish, sea cucumber and lots of other bright fishies.  I didn't take any pictures of the snorkeling part, so I snagged these from Jill-Thanks Jill!

After snorkeling, the guides hooked this giant sail/swing thing up to the back of the boat.  You sat on the swing part and the wind would catch the sail and fly you up in the sky and then you could jump off.  I didn't do it because I was too cold, but it looked fun.

The one area of the resort that was lacking was the service.  Don't get me wrong, it wasn't terrible by any means, but we all agreed that it could have been better.  Our biggest problem, being a group of six, was getting a table for dinner each night.  We usually had to wait 1.5 to 2 hours, so we would go to one of the bars and have a few cocktails while we waited.

After dinner we showed off our sweet dance moves at the discoteca.

It was seriously such a fun time!  I can't believe that after two years of planning/thinking/getting excited about the trip it's already over.  It went by way too fast and it was really hard to come home, but I'm so glad that it all worked out and we got to get away on such a fabulous vacation. 

I'm ready to start planning the next one...who's with me???

Until then, I'll just have to dream about this....

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