Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Frontier Days

Paul and I had such a fun weekend!  We did something I have been wanting to do for about 8 years now and that is go to Cheyenne Frontier Days.  Cheyenne, Wyoming is only 1.5 hours away from Boulder and every summer they put on a huge festival with rodeos, concerts, carnival, etc. This year I heard Brooks & Dunn were coming and for those of you who don't know, this is their last tour before they break up and go their separate ways.  Since I really like Brooks & Dunn and have never seen them in concert before, I decided this was an opportunity we just couldn't pass up!  Our friends Lauren and Andy came with us and the four of us had a blast!
We left on Friday after work and drove up to Cheyenne.  We stayed at a camp ground in town which was great because it was close to the fair grounds.  We didn't arrive until after dark on Friday so trying to set up our tents was quite interesting, but somehow we managed to do it.
On Saturday morning we woke up, made breakfast, and drove to a hiking place called Vedauwoo in Medicine Bow National Forrest.  Vedauwoo is what they call these amazing granite rock formations, it means "earth-born spirit." 
It was a really beautiful hike, but as we were walking, we ran into 3 moose along the trail.  It was so cool because I've always wanted to see a wild moose, but it was also a little scary because I have heard they can be very aggressive towards humans.  Look how huge these things are!
Saturday night we went to the carnival and then the concert.  The concert was so much fun!  Brooks & Dunn put on a great show.  They have so many hits so it was fun to dance and sing along.  Here is a picture of all four of us at the concert.
Me and my hub :)

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!


  1. I love Brooks and Dunn! I'm so sad they are breaking up! Just found your blog! Welcome to the blog world! I'm your first follower!



  2. Looks like an amazing getaway! You and your husband are so cute!

  3. Thanks girl! I just looked at your blog, it's super cute! My sister lives in Richmond. I love it there.