Saturday, January 10, 2015

James: 4 months

James is 4 months old!

I mean, just look at this little guy.
He is SO smiley! 

One of my favorite milestones happened this month-James laughed for the first time. He is actually a very ticklish little baby. Nothing melts my heart more than the sound of a baby laughing. 

James also learned how to grasp toys this month.

And this is what happens when we do tummy time-big sister wants to do it too and likes to coach James ("C'mon, roll over Jamesy Boy."). He has only rolled over a few times. He doesn't love being on his tummy, but he doesn't hate it like June did. 

This month was a busy one with James' first Christmas...

and first plane ride.

We flew from Sacramento to Richmond with a layover in Houston and James was an absolute prince on both flights (despite his face in this picture).

We spent 10 days at Aunt Sara and Uncle Jeff's house, including Christmas. 


I think everyone had a good time in Richmond except James. I'm not quite sure why, but he was so cranky the whole time we were there. He wouldn't sleep unless he was in my arms, didn't really want to nurse, didn't want to be held, didn't want to lie down, nothing would make him happy. Well, I take that back, Hammy (my mom) discovered one thing that calmed him down a little…the pacifier. We had been trying for months to give him the pacifier and he would gag on it and spit it out. But then all of a sudden he kept it in his mouth when my mom gave it to him and he has been hooked ever since. 

When we got back from Richmond, I took James in for his 4 month check up. His doctor was a little concerned because he hadn't gained any weight from 3-4 months and his eczema was really bad. She thought the poor weight gain and crankiness in Richmond could have been from his reflux, so she told me to get him back on the Zantac. As far as his skin, she recommended that we only bathe him once every 3 days, with no soap, and cover him in Aveeno lotion followed by Aquaphor 4-6 times per day. She scheduled us to come in for a follow up appointment two weeks later. 
When we went back in, his skin was looking a little better and his weight had come up, so she said she she didn't need to see us again until 6 months.  

Poor Jamesy had a bit of a rough month! 

We just love him so much!


weight: 14 lbs 3 oz at 4 month appointment, then 14 lbs 9 oz at weight check

height: 24.5"

diapers: ?? I don't remember! 

clothes: 3-6 and 6 month 

eyes: blue

hair: he is losing some hair and its lightening up

nicknames: Jamesy, Jame Jame, Buddy

likes: the paci, the car seat, the ergo carrier (but only when facing out and it's short-lived), baths, and big sister

dislikes: sleeping anywhere other than mama's arms, nursing on my left side (he has come to really prefer my right side to the point where my left makes half as much milk as my right).

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  1. Oh my gosh! He is adorable!! Seriously one of the cutest babies ever! Drew had really bad reflux and was a super slow weight gainer, not fun! I need you to do an update on June next! :)