Wednesday, October 29, 2014

James: 1 month

James is one month old!

Just look at this little sack of sugar :)

For the first three weeks of his life, all he did was sleep and eat. I had to wake him up every three hours to eat.   

(hat on head courtesy of big sister)

And then right at 3 weeks (basically the day after my parents left to go back home) he flipped the switch on me! All of a sudden he was screaming and crying after feedings and even crying during some feedings. He was spitting up (sometimes 2 hours after he ate), choking, gurgling, screaming, kicking his legs, etc. He just seemed like he was in a lot of pain after eating. It was heart-breaking to watch, and not gonna lie, frustrating because I felt like there was nothing I could do to make him feel better. I talked to the pediatrician and she diagnosed James with reflux and wrote him a prescription for Zantac. She also recommended that we keep him upright for 30 minutes after he eats and elevate one end of his crib to a 30 degree angle. 

So far, it seems like keeping him upright and elevating the crib are helping a little. The jury is still out on the Zantac. 

Luckily, he likes being worn in the baby k'tan. Some days it's the only thing that gets him to stop crying/fall asleep and it allows me to have my hands free for June. 

When he's not having tummy troubles, he really is a pretty mellow guy. And the good thing is, when he falls asleep, he stays asleep-sometimes for a good 3-4 hour chunk (thank you God). He is currently sleeping swaddled (although I can't tell if he likes it) in the pack n play in our room at night and in the swing or rock n play during the day. He also likes to sleep on the his tummy. There have a been a few times that I put him on his play mat for tummy time and the next thing I know, he's asleep! 

James had a few firsts this month:

*First Bath

He never got a bath in the hospital, so this was the very first one. He HATED it! 

*First Football Game 

2.5 weeks old at his first football game. He basically slept in the k'tan the whole time :)

This month has been kind of a blur, but James just seems to fit right into our little family. It's easy to start thinking about how I can't wait for him to be older and be able to do certain things, but I'm trying to remember to really enjoy all of these sweet newborn moments because they are fleeting!

We love you James!


weight: 9lbs 7oz at 2.5 weeks

height: he hasn't been measured since his birth

diapers: size 1 

clothes: 3 month (at 2.5 weeks)

eyes: blue

hair: brown

nicknames: Jamesy, Jame Jame (June came up with this one and it kind of stuck :)

likes: nursing, sleeping, being worn in the k'tan, and riding in the stroller and the car (most of the time)

dislikes: baths, being naked/diaper changes

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  1. Drew was a reflux baby (what is it about the second?) - she spit up for pretty much a year. It got better after a few months, but there was a lot of screaming in our house too! Lots of time in the Ergo, being held upright, sleeping elevated, all that jazz. It definitely sucks hearing them scream - I'll pray for some relief for James and you! He is such a cutie and you look amazing! (And June is as cute as can be too of course!)