Wednesday, May 8, 2013

June: 4 months

JLC is 4 months old!

She's so much fun! 

The best thing that happened this month was she learned how to laugh (14 weeks). The first time she laughed, she was naked on her changing table and I was blowing raspberries on her tummy. Out of nowhere, she just started giggling which then turned into full blown laughter. I think Paul and I died and went to heaven right then and there. It was the cutest thing I've ever seen/heard and such a special moment for us to experience together. 

I also went back to work this month. Going back to work was probably the hardest thing I've ever had to do. The first week was filled with lots of tears (for me, not her) and I still cry sometimes on Sunday nights, but it's getting easier and becoming more of a routine. I just keep telling myself it's only a matter of weeks until summer break. This month, my mom came down from Boulder each week to stay with us and take care of June. It makes it a little easier knowing that June is in good hands and spending the day with someone who loves her so much. Paul's mom is going to stay with us next month. We are so thankful for our moms. I just hate leaving her every day!

June is now "talking" all the time and she is ALWAYS moving! She's still a squirmy worm. 

She learned how to grab things at the beginning of the month and hasn't stopped since. She grabs everything and puts everything in her mouth. Her new favorite thing to do is shove her blankets and clothes in her mouth. Silly girl.

She also discovered her feet this month and loves to stare at/grab them, especially when she's wearing jammies with animals on the feet.

June is still a great night sleeper. She sleeps about 10 hours at night and would probably sleep longer, but I have to wake her up in the morning to feed her before work. Naps are iffy. Some days she'll take a few good naps and some days she doesn't nap at all.

She still loves her baths. We try to get her in the bath every night around 7:30. She loves to splash around and this month she became very interested in the cup I use to wash her hair.

June attended her very first college football game this month. Well, technically it was the CSU-P spring scrimmage, not a real game.

She was unimpressed.

We also took her to the Royal Gorge this month.

June still doesn't enjoy tummy time, but she's tolerating it a little more lately. She's only rolled over  4 times; I don't think she's totally sure how to do it yet.

She likes her changing table and being nakey. She likes to lay on her play mat and look at/reach for the hanging toys. And she loves to be propped up where she can see what's going on. She doesn't want to miss out on a thing!

 We fall more in love with her every day. I can't wait to see what next month holds!


weight: 13 lbs. 3 oz.

height: 25 inches

diapers: size 2

clothes: 3-6 and 6 month, but can still squeeze into some 3 month stuff

eyes: blue

hair: sometimes I think it looks brown and sometimes it looks reddish??

nicknames: June Bug, Miss June, JLC, June Buggy, Stink Bug, Baby Bug, Love Bug, Monkey

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  1. Checking in again on Miss June! So fun to read about what she's doing - Drew is doing most of the same things and they are right about the same size. I go back to work next week and am barely holding it together. So happy you have family to help!